• Products and services
  • Trade

    (1) Australia project and product agents, food, agriculture, mining and other industries to focus on the integration of resources, mining quality products stationed in the domestic market, is to successfully introduce the Australian health food, bee products stationed in Shanghai fta.
    (2) assist and agent Chinese advantage products exported to Australia, has now completed the docking work preliminary paving material.

  • Media

    (1) International Exhibition: the organization of domestic enterprises to participate in the Australian Trade Fair, to promote bilateral trade and cooperation.
    (2) professional forum and conference: the organization of domestic enterprises on behalf of the Australian professional industry forum and conference, to carry out and promote bilateral technical exchanges and cooperation, contributed to the Australian edge technology counterpart output.

  • Order

    (1) private customized travel: we will provide you with a parent child activities, theme summer camps and other different forms and themes of the order travel.
    (2) education and study: we will be interested in studying in Australia for different ages of students and families to provide services and advice.